Rules & Regulations

Tabletop Exhibits and Exhibitors are subject to the following Rules & Regulations. “Management” refers to the Powder Coating Institute, owner of Powder Coating WEEK 2024, and its service contractors. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to read, understand and be familiar with all Rules & Regulations.

I. Contract for Tabletop

This application, properly executed by Tabletop Exhibitor, shall upon written acceptance and notification of tabletop assigned by Management, be a valid and binding contract between the exhibiting company and The Powder Coating Institute, owner of Powder Coating WEEK 2024. After assignment, tabletop location may not be changed without Management’s prior written approval. Request for tabletop will be assigned based upon the PCI exhibition point selection system. All those not a part of the point selection system will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis when a signed contract is received with payment after the point selection system is complete. Should the facility or designated halls change after initial tabletop has been confirmed, Management reserves the right to re-layout the exhibit hall and reassign tabletop according to the point system.

II. Use of Tabletop Exhibit Tabletop

Tabletop exhibits must display products and/or services specifically for the powder coating industry. All display materials MUST be confined to the top of your table with the exception of one 36 in. x 72 in. pop up banner displayed directly behind the table. No display materials are permitted on the floor of the tabletop exhibit room. Tabletop exhibits may not project beyond allotted tabletop or interfere with the lighting or tabletop of other tabletop exhibitors. Aisles must be kept clear of exhibits, and materials displayed on the table may not interfere with the free flow of traffic. No tabletop exhibitor may assign, sublet or share all or part of its tabletop with other tabletop exhibitors. Tabletop exhibitors may display only products and services they officially represent.

Demonstrations or related activities must be confined to tabletop exhibitor’s assigned tabletop, as must distribution of circulars, catalogs, folders, promotional materials and devices. None of these may be distributed in the aisles, meeting rooms, registration areas, or any other rooms or areas of the Tabletop Exhibit and Conference. Tabletop exhibits may not contain sound systems or noise-making devices that annoy or disturb adjacent Tabletop exhibitors. Management may restrict, reject, eject or prohibit any exhibit or exhibit personnel, in whole or part, which detracts from the exhibition due to sound, appearance, distribution of materials, personal conduct, or anything Management rules to be objectionable. In enforcing these regulations, Management is not liable for refunds of tabletop rental or other expenses incurred by tabletop exhibitor.

Management reserves the right to limit the rental of tabletop exhibits, and the assignment of hospitality suites at the convention facility and participating hotels, to those companies exhibiting products and/or services which are directly related to powder coating applications. Final determination of eligibility to participate in the tabletop exhibition based upon relevancy to the powder coatings market will be at the discretion of Management.

III. Tabletop Specifications

A standard 6 foot x 30 inch table will be provided. The tabletop exhibit will be held in a carpeted ballroom. No signs may be hung from the ceiling.

IV. Installation and Removal of Exhibits

All tabletop exhibits must be installed one hour prior to the opening of the tabletop exhibition on the first day and remain open until the published closing time on the final day. Failure to occupy tabletop one hour prior to show opening gives Management the right to use such tabletop as they deem fit without any obligation of returning any amount paid by tabletop exhibitor. Tabletop exhibitor shall not dismantle or start packing prior to closing time. No tabletop materials will be installed or removed during tabletop exhibit hours. Tabletop materials must be removed by the time and date set forth by Management.

V. Conference Registration

Tabletop exhibitors will receive information on conference registration discounts in their Tabletop Exhibitor Services Manual.

VI. Cancellation/Refund Policy

Management will refund 50% of tabletop payments made if tabletop, or any portion thereof, is canceled in writing at least 90 days prior to the tabletop exhibition opening. No refund thereafter. Upon receipt of cancellation in writing by a tabletop exhibitor, ALL rights associated with being an exhibitor are relinquished.

VII. Liability

Neither Management, the Powder Coating Institute nor the Exhibition Facility, their officers, or representatives are responsible for the loss, damage or injury to tabletop exhibitor or tabletop exhibitor’s employees or property from any cause, before, during or after period covered by this contract. Tabletop exhibitor, upon signing this contract, releases Management, Powder Coating Institute, the Exhibition Facility, their officers, employees and representatives from, and agrees to indemnify same against any claims for loss, damage or injury.

Tabletop exhibitor assumes responsibility for accident, injury, or property damage to any person visiting their exhibit, where such accident, injury or damage is caused by negligence of the Exhibitor, or their employees or agents. Tabletop exhibitors insuring materials and/or personnel do so at their own expense. Tabletop exhibitors utilizing independent (non-official) contractor services agree to forward to Management a Certificate of Insurance naming Goyer Management, The Powder Coating Institute, the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld® and official service contractors as co-insureds.

Management is not liable for nonfulfillment of commitment for delivery of tabletop if the event is cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of Management or the Powder Coating Institute including fire, accident, acts of God or public enemy including terrorist attack, strike, authority of law, curtailment of transportation, pandemic or any other cause. If exhibition is cancelled, Management’s sole liability is to reimburse tabletop exhibitor the tabletop rental fee, less any costs or charges paid or incurred by Management up to the date of cancellation for promotion, administration and similar purposes. This shall be the sole remedy and terminate this agreement without further claim for damage.

VIII. Protection of Exhibit Facility Property

Use of screws, bolts, nails, staples, tacks, pins, tape or other items that may deface or damage floors, walls, ceilings, doors or other exhibit facility property is prohibited. Tabletop exhibitors must repair damage at their own expense.

IX. Security

Management shall provide guard service throughout the hours of installation, exhibition and teardown periods, and exercise reasonable care for the protection of tabletop exhibitors’ materials and displays. Beyond this, Management, the Powder Coating Institute, the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld® or any officer or staff member thereof will not be responsible for the safety of the property of the tabletop exhibitor, their employees or agents, from theft, damage by fire, accident, or any other cause. Exhibitors must provide their own insurance and/or policy riders to cover all booth contents.

X. Licensing Agreement/Fees

Tabletop exhibitor acknowledges and accepts responsibility for securing any licensing agreements and royalty payments for the use of music, video or printed materials that may be protected under United States copyright laws.

XI. Photography & Videotaping

The taking of photographs and/or videotaping is restricted exclusively to your own tabletop(s) at all times. You may not photograph or videotape other Tabletop exhibitors’ tabletops at any time. Violators will have their cameras/mobile phones, etc. confiscated and must surrender their badge to Management.

XII. Utilities

Management will exercise proper and reasonable care to insure that all services are installed and operational during tabletop hours. However, Management cannot be held responsible for late installation or interruption of service.

XIII. Union Regulations

Tabletop exhibitor agrees to abide by any union regulations that might be in force at the Exhibition Facility or with all authorized service contractors hired by Management.

XIV. Handling and Storage

Management and the owners/managers of the facility where the exhibition is to be held shall not accept or store display materials or empty crates. Tabletop exhibitor shall make their own arrangements for shipments, delivery, receipt, and storage of such materials and crates directly with the Exhibition Facility. All shipments and deliveries to the tabletop exhibition must be prepaid.

XV. Hospitality

Tabletop exhibitors agree to refrain from hosting any kind of activities during conference and tabletop exhibition hours. This includes meetings, hospitality and off-site functions of any kind.

XVI. Age Restrictions

No one under the age of 16 will be allowed on the tabletop exhibition floor at any time, including set-up, teardown and tabletop hours.

XVII. Amendments

These rules may be revised by Management and all points not covered are subject to Management’s decision.